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Inspiration not Memorization

Welcome to The Nerenberg Institute!
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Located in historic uptown Whittier, California, The Nerenberg Institute provides you with an opportunity to learn in a warm, accepting, and non-intimidating environment. Classes are kept intentionally small so you can participate in the lecture-discussion format taught by world renowned psychologist and educator, Dr. Arnold P. Nerenberg.

All lectures are based on original books by Dr. Nerenberg and are taught using inspiration not memorization techniques, so you’ll carry the knowledge with you the rest of your life. If you are not convinced that you want to keep an area of knowledge for the rest of your life, Dr. Nerenberg does not want you to learn it.

Be a part of the revolution in education and unlock your constructive purpose.

- Integration of life and education.
- Attend classes that fit your schedule.
- Receive personal attention in small, interactive classes.
- Design your own program.
- Knowledge for a lifetime.

About the founder and teacher behind The Nerenberg Institute

The world’s leading expert on Mental Detoxification, Dr. Arnold P. Nerenberg, PhD, is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, motivational speaker and educator. He has been in practice for over 40 years and is the world’s leading authority on road rage, founder of the Social Revolution of Dialogue, Gym Therapy and The Nerenberg Institute. Additionally, he is the author of over 100 self help books.

Born in 1941, Dr. Nerenberg has been lifting weights for over half a century and has been power lifting since 2001. He is a world champion power lifter and bodybuilder and holds the title of "Mr. Universe Street Physique” in his age and weight class. Married with eight children, Dr. Nerenberg holds the title of the world’s strongest drug-free man for his age and weight.

"The Nerenberg Institute is not for everyone, just those who crave the truth."
- Dr. Arnold P. Nerenberg


The Nerenberg Institute offers individuals the opportunity to participate and learn from any or all of its affiliate organizations.

The Nerenberg Institute in now accepting fall interns for its Communication, Marketing and Athletic Departments. For more information call the Institute at (562) 693-5600.


WLOP is a division of the Athletic and Sports Psychology Departments of The Nerenberg Institute


• Athletic Coach
• Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Personal Trainer
• Motivational Speaking
• Public Speaking
• Substance Abuse Counselor
• Parenting Specialist
• Marriage Counseling
• Career Counseling
• Business & Marketing
• Public Relations
• Research Methodology
• Philosophy
• Psychology
• Road Rage Specialist
• Creative Writing
• Religious Studies
• Teaching and Education
• Inventing
• Creative Writing
• Trade School
  - Printing Trade School
  - Photography/ Videography

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